A Weight Loss Goal Isn't Enough

I was recently talking with a new client, she uttered the words I have heard so many times over the years, “I will be more motivated when I see results”.

I know this is human nature. I also become more motivated when I see results from what I have been doing. But here’s the truth. There will be days, weeks and months, that you aren’t seeing any results. Doesn’t mean you aren’t progressing though. You are probably losing inches, improving your heart health, and laying down the foundation to have sustained weight loss.

I find most people give up after the first four to six weeks or so. Reason being, they saw great results at the beginning of their program and now their body isn’t changing, as rapidly. This is so normal.

Please remember, when you are working to lose weight and keep it off, you are committing to a life long journey to better health for you and your family. You have to have more than the desire to lose weight. You have to have a meaningful reason for pursuing this goal or you will fail.

Think about it, what do your really want for yourself and/or your child that will keep you going even in those times you aren’t having success. It may be you want to see your child’s self esteem rise, maybe even your own. You may be concerned, because your father or mother had a heart attack or diabetes at a young age and you want to put a stop to it in your generation. Every person will have their own reason.

Take the time to figure out your reason. Believe me, it is much more than a number on a scale or a goal weight. Stretch your mind and work to uncover your reason.

I wish I could give you a quick weight loss scheme that would work and you could keep off the weight forever. Unfortunately, there isn’t one. You have to make modifications to your lifestyle and it could take some time. You have to have faith in the process. You have to believe in what you aren’t able to see! Believe me, you will get there, as long as you keep the faith!

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