About Karen

Karen Hummel is a health/weight loss coach and personal trainer dedicated to helping others escape from marketing hype by getting clear answers about health out to the public. Her formal education includes a Masters Degree in Health Services Management and a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition & Exercise Physiology. Karen is a Certified Coach and Personal Trainer with over twenty years of experience.

Karen developed an interest in Preventative Health and Fitness at an early age due to personal and family weight problems. Through her own experience battling weight she found that dedication, proper nutrition and regular exercise were the only way to reach desired health and fitness goals. In 1998, after years of perseverance to reach her own fitness goals, Karen was seriously injured in an automobile accident and told prior to surgery she would almost certainly be a paraplegic. The avid health and fitness enthusiast refused to believe it and after three surgeries was told by her surgeons, had it not been for the muscle she had developed through years of exercise she would not have walked away.

Karen has had additional surgeries through the years, but has not let this stop her from her commitment to help others. Karen is proud to be a testament to the importance of sticking to one’s goals no matter what the obstacles and loves supporting others on their health and fitness journeys.

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