Are you suffering from "Diet Mentality"

One of the most challenging things I will ask you to do is to forget everything you have been told or think about dieting. I call it the “Diet Mentality”. A diet is a short term program that may cause weight loss in the present, but will hinder future weight loss. Diets typically have a nasty side affect of slowing ones metabolism, making it that much more difficult to lose weight.

Diet Mentality believes the following:

  1. Weight loss is a by product of dieting. In actuality, weight gain is usually the by product of dieting. I always find it funny that people will say they were successful on a diet, because they lost weight and then gained it all back + ten pounds. How is that success? Success is maintaining the weight.
  2. I will start on Monday, after my birthday, after Halloween, after the Holidays, in the New Year. When I was a kid my family loved starting a diet on Monday. One of us would screw up the diet by Wednesday, leaving the weekend open for ice cream and candy. Of course we had to eat during the weekend, because we would be starting a diet again on Monday. The key to healthy weight management is to do your best everyday.
  3. There are good and bad foods. Yes, there are healthier options, but all foods can become part of a healthy diet.
  4. Wants to reach a certain weight on the scale. This is not always the healthiest weight for the individual.

People who are able to manage their weight know the following truths:

  1. Food is fuel and boosts your metabolism.
  2. All food can fit
  3. Whole foods are optimal
  4. Focus on lifestyle management techniques to maintain a healthy weight
  5. Physical activity is necessary and it can be fun

I know you can shift away from the diet mentality. It may take time and you may have lapses and relapses. You are not a failure when this happens; it is all part of learning a new lifestyle.

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