Fat Burning Underpants! No Sweat Weight Loss! Had To Share My Thoughts.

Okay, I could not resist talking about this on my BLOG! Fat burning underpants? I am thinking of adding a page of shame to my BLOG and calling it, Karen’s wall of shame, to list every gimmicky, quirky, completely stupid weight loss and/or fitness scheme I have ever seen. And believe me people will be buying these super duper fat burning underpants. I have seen my own friends, family and clients purchase the shaper shoes, so why not fat burning underpants?

Lets think about this for a moment. Person A goes to the gym and does squats, lunges, calf raises, etc… Lots of leg work on a regular basis. It takes some time for Person A to develop the muscle to see a difference. Person B gets super duper fat burning underpants and some of those great shaping shoes and they are bikini ready in two weeks, okay maybe three. Does this sound plausible? NO!! it doesn’t, yet we get all excited when we see adds for this kind of stuff and those who are desperate and want a quick fix purchase this junk.

Funny, I started writing this post earlier this week. The very next day I saw that Reebok has to pay out $25 million, because there is no scientific information to back up firming hamstrings, calves, and butt from wearing their shaper shoes. I believe anyone selling gimmicky junk should take a hit for it. But honestly, if you really thought a pair of shoes could shape your legs. You don’t deserve your money back! So let this be a lesson to you, don’t buy the fat burning underpants! They won’t work. Although, maybe you will get lucky and they will burn your booty, so you too can have a lawsuit. Just kidding! People are way too sue happy now a days.

This is my short little rant for this week. Please stop wasting your money on crazy weight loss products. Use that cash to buy a gym membership, purchase foods for a healthy diet, and/or hire a weight loss coach and get moving in the right direction.

All the best!





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