Health Holidays

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. I know my readers were able to keep it in check and not eat too much! I also know many of you took time to stay active. Good for you!

Well, there are more Holidays ahead. What are you doing to prepare? I know the one thing I am doing is remaining active. If you haven’t started an exercise program, why wait until New Years? If you start now and practice staying active through the Holiday season you will be more likely to stay successful in the New Year. You will also feel better throughout the Holidays, even if you treat yourself here and there, which I suggest you do. As I mentioned in my prior post, this is a special time of year and many Holiday memories are linked to food. If there is a special family treat you only get during this time of year, treat yourself, but remain in the present, eat slowly and watch your portion sizes.

If you go without you will only increase your chances of binging later. Remember, there are no foods off limits in life. Yes, there are healthier choices, but there is room for treats here in there. Isn’t it time to stop dieting and learn to live a healthy lifestyle? If you can learn this valuable lesson during the Holiday season, there will be no stopping you in the New Year!

I wish you all the best.

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