Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Had a great time talking to Alicia Kirschenheiter on my radio show, we both are wellness and fitness professionals, so there was a lot to cover. She brought up so many great points I thought would be valuable to my readers.

The first thing was her list of biggest fitness no no’s. She had five or so, if you want to hear the rest here is the audio. I will share one here that is very important. Always set long term and short term goals. You will never reach the end destination without knowing how you will get there. So many people make the mistake of just making the long term goal. Usually it takes time to reach big goals, so the person becomes frustrated and throws in the towel. Short term goals help you feel good about the smaller success’s along the journey.

The second thing that really caught my attention and gave me great respect for Alicia was that she will not work with someone if she knows they are embarking on a journey for the wrong reasons, like losing weight for a spouse. There has to be something the person internally wants to change  to keep them inspired and ensure their success. I have always done the same thing, but have to admit I have seen other Wellness professionals just after the money. If you hire a wellness coach make sure they care about you, like Alicia or I would. I told Alicia, I thought those of us who have chosen to serve will come out ahead in the long run.

Hope these tips from my show are helpful. All the best.


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