Help your overweight child, Stop doing these 3 things today!

I have been working diligently on laying the foundation to launch a coaching program that I sincerely hope will transform the lives of overweight children and families, not only in the US, but Internationally, as obesity is not only an issue for the US. A new term was coined in the past few years, “Globesity”. We are all getting heavier. There are many reasons, most are cultural, very few are genetic. Here are three of the reasons we are getting heavier and heavier.

1. Fast food has reached many countries, increasing saturated fat consumption

2. Artificial sweeteners are rampant, causing us to eat more and negatively affecting our bodies in the same way too much fat and/or alcohol does

3. The diet industry has taught us that weight loss is a short term issue when it is a life long commitment if you are someone with a weight problem.

That being said, for your health I would suggest you limit fast food and sugar/artificial sweetener consumption. Oh, yes and STOP dieting. It is not about dieting, it is about eating healthy. Stick with whole foods, reduce saturated and trans fats, as well as sweeteners found in sodas and juices. The results will surprise you. Don’t worry, your taste buds will adapt over time!

I will be posting updates about the “Karen About Your Kids” coaching program I have starting in January. I am so excited to reach and help as many overweight children and families as I can. I know we can end the obesity epidemic through education and compassion.

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