Lose Weight, Despite Information Overload

When you think of information overload, you may think of the constant link to technology. We are consistently connected these days. We have our smart phones now, so we can call or text, surf the net, utilize social media and stay connected. While I love being connected and fulfilling my dreams of being online to serve more people I do notice that it is another location to become confused about pretty much everything. There is just so much great marketing out there, how do you select what is right for you in any are of your life?

When I think of “Too Much Information” I also think about the beauty supply store. There are now countless shampoos and conditioners by many different brands. I catch myself reading all the bottles. Well MMM, this one can give me shiny hair, but wait, this one will save my color, ahhh but yet there is another to add volume to my limp locks. I want it all! Which one and which brand will actually work on my hair? Same goes for skin cream, right ladies? I mean, come on, which one is really going to fight the signs of aging and fill in those smooth lines and wrinkles?

That leads me to weight loss and proper nutrition. How does the average person know what to do anymore when they are bombarded with options everywhere all day, and if all this stuff is the end all, beat all, why are we still losing the weight, just to gain it all back or better yet just throwing in the towel and feeling like failures? I am going to tell you how to pick what will work for you right now! Are you ready? Here it is:

1. Do your research. Is this program cutting out certain food groups, asking you to cut calories dramatically, not promoting complementing proper nutrition with weight training and cardiovascular exercise, creating a mindset that you are on a diet and this way of living will end when the diet is over? Run and don’t look back, this is yet another diet where you will lose some weight, just to gain it back and feel miserable about yourself.

2. Make the decision this will be your final attempt at taking the weight off, because you are sick and tired of the yo-yo dieting and feeling like a failure. Make a decision this is not a diet, this is your life! This is your children’s life! Your life is consistently bringing positive or negative energy to those around you. When you are happy with yourself you will bring that energy to your family, friends and people you meet. Your life will change for the better once you decide this is your LIFE, not your DIET! You want to feel great for the long run.

3. Take baby steps. You have some mindsets and habits that are ingrained in your brain. These will take time to overcome. Treat yourself like you would your very best friend, love yourself and cheer yourself on. Remember, small actions deserve recognition. A string of small actions will eventually lead you to your big goal. You weren’t doing physics in preschool! Heck, I got out of doing it in college. Anyhow, you get the picture. Sustained weight loss will be a journey.

4. Seek support if you need it. Get an accountability partner or put together a group. Remember I am always here to help too!

You can make your health and fitness dreams come true!

I am cheering you on!


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