Maintaining your families weight through the Holidays!

I hope your family had a safe and healthy Halloween, that you treated yourself to a piece or two of candy. If you did treat yourself, did you think about the portion sizes you were having, the extra calories, etc… If not, we still have time to prepare for the rest of the Holidays.

If the members of your family are suffering with weight problems, especially your children it is my hope that you do not add to your weight this Holiday season. You may be thinking how do we do that? With all the dinners, desserts, candy and parties coming up, how can I or my child possibly maintain our weight?

I am here to tell you, you can! I have even had clients lose weight during the Holidays, but setting a goal to lose weight could set you and your family up for failure and I don’t want to do that, so if you lose weight that is just the icing on the cake, or should I say, the natural peanut butter on the Fuji apple.


  1. Stay active. Take walks with your family. Evening walks are particularly nice once lights are hanging on homes in your neighborhood.
  2. Focus on the true meaning of the Holiday you are celebrating. The most important part of the Holidays should be the time spent with family and friends, not the food.
  3. Start practicing portion control now and use portion control during the Holidays. Here are some hints to help!
    1. 3 oz of fish, poultry and meat = a deck of cards
    2. 3 oz of fish = a checkbook
    3. 1 cup of salad = a baseball
    4. A piece of medium fruit = a baseball
    5. 1 cup of cereal = a fist
    6. 1 cup of cooked pasta, rice or potatoes = ½ baseball

Hope this gets you started. I will have more tips through the Holiday season!

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