More Tips to get your family through the Holidays

We have two weeks until Thanksgiving, so my tip today is to start planning. Most of the year, I get push back from clients about planning ahead. Maybe they think it will ruin their fun! But this time of year, most people are planning anyway, so why not plan to eat healthy and take care of your family this Holiday. I’m not asking you to give up all of your Holiday favorites and chew on a celery stick. If you have gotten to know me, that just is not my style. I believe we need to treat ourselves sometimes, but here are a few tips to ensure you don’t over do a good thing.

  • What special Holiday foods are your family’s favorites? Limit these favorites to 20% of total food intake.
  • Plan 80% of your dinner to be healthy. Prepare a fresh vegetable to go along with the Turkey and try to encourage family members to stick to the white meat.
  • If you read last weeks tips, one was about portion control. Use your new knowledge of portion control when serving your family members. Only allow seconds after 20 or so minutes of rest. Sometimes it takes the head awhile to know the stomach is full.
  • AND THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP! Come on you know Thanksgiving is coming and what day it will be on, so have your family eat healthy and stay active the entire week prior, so you have earned the opportunity to have a cheat day!

I am so excites about the Holidays this year and truly enjoying sharing my tips!

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