Healthy Holiday Eating – Thanksgiving

Well, the Holidays are officially here. Thanksgiving is this Thursday. Like many of you, I feel like it was just Thanksgiving. The year flew.

Now, you are probably thinking I am going to tell you to avoid your favorites to save your waste line this Thanksgiving. No way! The Holidays are filled with wonderful memories of special foods that we only get once a year when we are spending the Holidays with out families. I want you to have the opportunity to enjoy your favorites. Here are a few simple tips to keep things in check this Thursday.

  1. Serve at least one green leafy, fresh vegetable. Take a nice healthy serving of this vegetable.
  2. Eat your favorites, but moderate how much you eat. I know easier said than done, but it can be done.
  3. Get active with friends and family. Take in a local Turkey Trot 5k, hit a special Thanksgiving class at the gym, or take a walk before or after dinner.

Hey, but the true number one is being thankful for all the blessing you currently have in your life and enjoying this special time with your family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving!

hCG Rapid Weight Loss – Just Another Bad Diet

My hCG update. I am still anti the hCG diet! Don’t do it! In fact, I won’t be having anyone on my radio show that promotes this diet. There are numerous reasons I will share. The first two days on it I almost threw up each night. I am used to eating a clean and healthy, but the directions for the first two days are to eat as much fat and sugar as you can. It actually lists fried foods and ice cream. Made me ill! I didn’t even eat that bad the second day, but tried to eat more than usual, and I was still sick. You may be thinking, I already eat badly, so what a great diet! Well, first I would work to eat better; second, I would still steer clear of any diet that promotes eating a lot of fat and sugar! Both in high amounts are not healthy. Also, foods high in fat and sugar are not nutrient dense, so there are two day your body is not getting the vitamins and minerals it needs to function properly.

Day three suddenly reduces you to a very low calorie diet, 500 calories to be exact. You stay on this restrictive diet for the remainder of phase II of the plan. The directions do not allow breakfast, but you can drink coffee in the morning. Then you can have 100 grams of protein, a vegetable, a piece of fruit and a bread stick for lunch and dinner. I was tired the morning of day three and had an important interview scheduled, so I drank coffee. I was sick as a dog all day! I almost fainted at the store trying to find bread sticks and a piece of fruit.

Day four, I made a fruit smoothie for breakfast, as I did not want to harm my body and my metabolism any further and had planned to attend SPIN class later, where I would burn off more calories than I was allotted for the day. Well ended up having massive stomach pains and feeling sick later in the day and was up all night in pain.

Needless to say, day five, I am absolutely exhausted and not on the diet any longer. I would not allow my best friend to stay on something this harmful to the body, so I decided to treat myself like my best friend.

500 kales a day is not enough to support your Basil Metabolic rate (resting metabolism). I don’t care if you are on hCG or anything else that touts a different story. Your body requires a certain number of calories to function efficiently. 500 calories is also not enough calories to get all the nutrients your body needs.

Now, many are saying, well I lost weight on this diet. You could lose weight on a 500 calorie diet without the hCG, but I guarantee you won’t keep it off for the long term. Of course there are outliers, as with any weight loss program or diet, so probably the usual 3% of people that do the hCG diet will keep it off for five or more years. I have asked three so called hCG experts that sell this diet at enormous prices for data showing a large cohort of people that have lost the weight and kept it off for five or more years. They have come up with 0. I even talked to one that admitted to doing it, gaining the weight back, and then doing it again. That is not my definition of being successful.

Yes, I am sure many of these people mean well. They may be among the 3% that kept it off and think they are helping people. I am not saying they are all shysters. I don’t think these people are trained in nutrition and/or metabolic function, so they don’t fully understand the damage it is doing to the body.

Any diet that promotes losing 30 lbs in 30 days or says it has been hidden from the public is obviously not healthy, so why do it to your self one more time? You did not gain 30 lbs, in 30 days, if you don’t want to gain it all back; you better not plan to lose it in 30.

I think losing weight and finally keeping it off and being healthy sounds a lot more sexy than lose 30 lbs in 30 days, stop being scammed my these types of diets.

Without the nutrients your body needs, you will also look older faster and you won’t look fit, you will look like a thin flabby person. Just something to think about! So please, make an attempt to actually eat nutritiously and move your body more, before doing another fix it quick scheme.

If you need my help, let me know!


hCG Rapid Weight Loss

I am just going to come straight out and say it. If something says diet or rapid weight loss I don’t think people should do it. That being said, I also say, “Don’t knock it, until you try it”, quite a bit. So I am trying a diet many believe in for the next 21 days. I just started this morning. This is a diet I have thought of as a scam until I recently talked with a few experts on this particular diet. If you have been listening to my radio show you know I have become a bit of a guinea pig for alternative health. I recently ordered the questionnaire to see what metabolic type I am and have been working towards eating 80% raw for three months. This newest diet is going to ruin my 80% raw, which is honestly a 50 to 60% raw regimen.

So what diet am I doing? The hCG diet. I have to say the first two days of it are a hoot! Eat as much fat and sugar as you want. They call it pre-loading, as day three of the plan until day 21 you are only allowed 500 kcals. That is going to stink. One thing I completely disagree with is no breakfast. I always teach my clients to eat breakfast and eat regularly, this helps keep your metabolism revved. I will keep you posted on how I am doing and my thoughts, as I go.

Please don’t take this post as my recommendation to do the hCG diet. Who knows? I may change my mind by the end of the 21 days, but for now if it walks like a diet and talks like a diet, it’s a diet. So please just work on making one small modification at a time to your lifestyle and I promise you will reach your goals and be able to maintain them, because you would have overhauled your lifestyle. Not have just went on a diet!

All the best!

Men’s Preventative Health

This week on “Karen About Your Health” I am taking time during each show to talk a little bit about men’s preventative health. The simple truth is most men aren’t taking proper care of themselves, getting preventative screening or making their annual physical. Women are 100% more likely to get their annual exam. I also found statistics that men are more depressed than women, yet we think women are more depressed than men. Why? Women seek support when they are depressed, men do not seek help as most see seeking help as a weakness. The suicide rates among men are alarming. The most alarming rate was for men over 65, 28.5 vs. 3.9 for women. If you or a  male loved one is depressed, please get the support you need.

My show airs Monday through Friday at 10:00 AM, Eastern. Listen in, I have a great line up this week:

Monday: Trapper Sherwood, Master Hypnotist. We will be chatting about stress, sleep, tobacco cessation and more.

Tuesday: Dr. Curtis Kuhn, a Metabolic Doctor. We will be talking about metabolic typing.

Wednesday: Rick Olderman, Physical Therapist/Trainer. We will be talking about one of my favorite subjects chronic pain. As I have lived with chronic pain.

Thursday: Thursday will be absolutely facinating! I will be speaking with Dr. Gillian Halloway, a leading dream expert.

Friday: Dr. Potisk, the down to earth doctor will be on talking about natural ways to stay healthy.

I am so excited for a great week ahead!

Thanks for listening!


Womens Stress And Anxiety

Today on Karen About Your Health on at 10:00 am Eastern, I am going to share how I have continued to struggle with overwhelm. It’s pretty obvious by the fact I have not BLOGGED in a month. Honestly, I bit off more than I can chew. That is probably how it starts for most. I have a full time consulting gig, I am working on building an online business, and I have a radio show five days per week.

Well obviously something has to give, but I need the money from my full time consulting gig, I love the radio show and feel it will be part of my legacy, and I have invested so much time into building something on line that I cannot throw in the towel at this point, so what to do. I am sure many women reading this and that will listen to my show are feeling the exact same way. As I always say, you have to make a decision first and that’s what I did. I decided I have to find a way to free up some time in my life to see family and friends, take down time, get to church, and just plain old have some fun.

Since I want to keep everything I obviously have to have someone help me, so I have decided to start by finding an Intern to do production for my radio show and some of the Internet Marketing duties I am ready to pass on. That is a start! As I build more business, I plan to start having my house cleaned and food delivered. That will create more time to do things I enjoy.

Now what can you do to take some of the pressure off in your life? Make a list and start on something today. By 2011 we will all be over the overwhelm and not have to suffer the stress and anxiety that comes from taking on too much! Sound good Ladies!!!!

Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Had a great time talking to Alicia Kirschenheiter on my radio show, we both are wellness and fitness professionals, so there was a lot to cover. She brought up so many great points I thought would be valuable to my readers.

The first thing was her list of biggest fitness no no’s. She had five or so, if you want to hear the rest here is the audio. I will share one here that is very important. Always set long term and short term goals. You will never reach the end destination without knowing how you will get there. So many people make the mistake of just making the long term goal. Usually it takes time to reach big goals, so the person becomes frustrated and throws in the towel. Short term goals help you feel good about the smaller success’s along the journey.

The second thing that really caught my attention and gave me great respect for Alicia was that she will not work with someone if she knows they are embarking on a journey for the wrong reasons, like losing weight for a spouse. There has to be something the person internally wants to change  to keep them inspired and ensure their success. I have always done the same thing, but have to admit I have seen other Wellness professionals just after the money. If you hire a wellness coach make sure they care about you, like Alicia or I would. I told Alicia, I thought those of us who have chosen to serve will come out ahead in the long run.

Hope these tips from my show are helpful. All the best.


Imperfectly Fit Fitness Program – My interview with Michelle Pearl

Yesterday I interviewed Michelle Pearl, Author of “Wake Up! You’re Probably Never Going to Look Like That: How to be Happier, Healthier and Imperfectly Fit. I really enjoyed speaking with her. You can listen here: Karen\’s interview with Michelle Pearl.

Michelle brought up some key issues that have been on my mind, some I have even Blogged about previously. First being the dangers associated with quick weight loss and how the diet industry and The Biggest Loser are perpetuating the obesity epidemic my providing the public with false information. It is not safe to your body to lose more than two pounds a week. Yes you may have seen people lose quickly on shows or certain, so called diets. I bet they all gained the weight back and more. Michelle admitted that happened to her. She is such an inspiration she lost 100 lbs trying dieting to gain it all back, plus 47 lbs. She then decided it was time to learn why diets weren’t working and how to be healthy.

Michelle and I also talked about the growing childhood obesity epidemic and how important is to educate parents. Both Michelle and I will be guest panel experts on CELEBRATE RECOVERY on September 30, 2010 at 8:00 PM CST. The is a free teleseminar where Special Guest Experts will confront the most interesting and challenging questions about childhood obesity, adult obesity, alcohol and drug abuse,  and, eating disorders and recovery. I look forward to us both getting more information out about this growing epidemic. SIGN UP NOW!

Stress Reduction Tips

I have been writing a series on dealing with stress, as I know stress is one of the biggest, if not the biggest block in reaching your health, weight loss and fitness goals. I mentioned in a previous post some of the techniques I have been trying. To be quite candid, some of the techniques sounded really silly to me, once upon a time, until I dropped my limiting beliefs and just gave them a whirl. So here is my first tip of the day. Even if something seems totally crazy just give it a try. Don’t be judgmental. Now, if you give something a try and feel super silly doing it, try it at least three more times. I know I felt like a total dork when I started trying the tapping technique, but you know what, I find it to work and now I feel awesome when I do it. You will get better and better as you practice any technique.

Tip 2 – No matter what your goal, I always recommend an accountability partner or buddy. This could be a friend that has also been under some stress or you can hire a coach to help you through and keep you accountable.

Tip 3- Listen to audio, in fact listen to my good friend trapper Sherwood’s, Mind Vacation –

Tip 4 –  Practice slow and controlled breathing laying down or in a comfortable chair.

Tip 5 – Don’t expect instant results. Managing your stress takes behavior change. This will take time, patience and practice.

You will get there! All the best managing your stress.


Eat Right And Move More To Relieve Stress

My favorite ways to reduce stress is by eating right and exercise. When you regurlarly eat healthy and exercise you have more energy, feel more confident and just feel better about yourself.

Eating and Stress

There is a catch 22 when it comes to eating and stress. Sometimes we eat because we are stressed, sometimes what we eat causes stress on our bodies. Here are my tips for eating to reduce stress:

–         Eat a healthy breakfast

–         Eat whole foods, limit the processed stuff

–         Eat your fruits and veggies

–         Throw sugar and sugar substitutes out the window. They are not good for your health in general.

–         Don’t skip meals, think of your metabolism as a furnace. It needs fuel to keep running.

–         Eat healthy snacks when you are hungry

  • A piece of fruit
  • A handful of nuts (Not roasted or salted)
  • Reduced fat Greek yogurt

Move More

Yes, I am telling you to exercise again. Once you have done it a month or so, it will become routine. The most famous excuse I get is, “I don’t have the time”. Yes you do! I am guessing you take the time to shower and brush your teeth daily. At least I hope so (  : I am also fairly certain you pencil in time to go to work, so just add activity to your daily calendar, then there is no excuse to miss it.

So how does exercise reduce stress? Exercise can reduce your blood pressure, lower your heart rate and slow your breathing. This facilitates a natural relaxation state. So how do you get started? I want you to think about fun things that get you moving and start there. Play a favorite sport, go on a bicycle ride, dance around your house, gardening. Think about things you enjoy doing that will get you up and moving. You don’t have to go to the gym, although I do recommend the addition of weight training once you are in a routine, as weight training is the only way to build lean muscle and increase your resting metabolism.

Another excuse I hear oftenis, “It’s too hard I’m just not motivated”. This is a challenge for many. In order to combat this you have to focus on the Why? The Why can be many different  things. You may want to stay healthy for your kids or grandkids. Like me you may have a chronic condition that is improved with exercise. Your doctor may have told you if you don’t start moving you will die at an early age. We all have different Why’s. Do some soul searching and figure out what your Why is.

I know you can eat better and move more. Now get to it!

Manage Your Time Or It Will Manage You

There is no such think as balance or work life balance. Sorry to break it to you, but that is the truth. There are only 24 hours in a day, so if you want to relieve stress in your life you have to prioritize your life and figure out what in life is most important to you. If you have a goal to get healthier or lose weight, that has to go on your list as high priority.

You may want to keep a list of how you spend your time for a few days to a week. You will most likely be surprised by the results. It is human nature to make everything top priority. When you look at your tasks from the week, you will probably find some time wasted. That’s okay. Take note of it and devise a plan to focus on your high priority items first. Make sure relaxation/fun time is on your priority list. In order to manage stress we need to spend time with family and friends, take time out to enjoy a hobby, or just plain do whatevfer we want to do.

Make sure you are spending some time doing things you enjoy. This will help keep the stress at bay and keep you healthy.