Save Money On Groceries

It’s the food choices we make over the long run that make a difference in  our health. I often have people comment that eating healthy costs too much. So I have some ideas for you to save money at the grocery store.

Before going to the Grocery Store

  • Eat before you leave. Don’t shop hungry.
  • Make a list of meal ideas for the coming week. Keep in mind the days you’ll be pressed for time and look for quick
  • Review ads, clip coupons, and organize them at home.

At the Grocery Store

  • Sign up for your grocer’s discount card for additional savings.
  • Try store brands. The most costly brands are often placed at eye-level. Store brands that may be cheaper and just as good are often placed higher or lower on the grocery shelves.
  • Look for the unit price to compare similar foods. It tells you the cost per ounce, pound, or pint, so you’ll know which brand or size is the best buy. Most stores show the unit price on a shelf sticker just below the product.
  • Buy in-season fruits and vegetables. Use local farmers’ markets when possible— the foods are fresher and tend to cost less.
  • Purchase canned (in water or in their own juice) and frozen fruits and vegetables. They’re healthy, less expensive, and last longer.
  • Buy a whole chicken and cut it into pieces at home instead of buying pre-cut chicken (breasts, legs, and wings) that may be more expensive.
  • Stock up on sale items you can use in a timely manner. Buy in bulk for quality and value.
  • Use your food budget wisely. For the price of a large bag of chips and a box of cookies, you can buy a lot of apples, bananas, carrots, potatoes, peppers, and other healthier foods.

Later at Home

  • Assemble healthy snacks in small baggies using foods such as nuts and seeds, and fresh veggies and fruits.
  • Cook a large portions ahead of time and freeze them in portion sized freezer bags.
  • Take advantage of planned leftovers to cut preparation time and save food dollars.

Happy Shopping!

Karen Hummel

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