Stress Reduction Tips

I have been writing a series on dealing with stress, as I know stress is one of the biggest, if not the biggest block in reaching your health, weight loss and fitness goals. I mentioned in a previous post some of the techniques I have been trying. To be quite candid, some of the techniques sounded really silly to me, once upon a time, until I dropped my limiting beliefs and just gave them a whirl. So here is my first tip of the day. Even if something seems totally crazy just give it a try. Don’t be judgmental. Now, if you give something a try and feel super silly doing it, try it at least three more times. I know I felt like a total dork when I started trying the tapping technique, but you know what, I find it to work and now I feel awesome when I do it. You will get better and better as you practice any technique.

Tip 2 – No matter what your goal, I always recommend an accountability partner or buddy. This could be a friend that has also been under some stress or you can hire a coach to help you through and keep you accountable.

Tip 3- Listen to audio, in fact listen to my good friend trapper Sherwood’s, Mind Vacation –

Tip 4 –  Practice slow and controlled breathing laying down or in a comfortable chair.

Tip 5 – Don’t expect instant results. Managing your stress takes behavior change. This will take time, patience and practice.

You will get there! All the best managing your stress.


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