The Best Way To Lose Weight By The End Of 2011

At the end of 2010 I posted a BLOG about starting to lose weight before resolution time. I am reminding you once again not to put off your weight loss or fitness goals until January 1. There are many benefits to starting now instead of waiting.  If you start today you will:

1. Avoid Holiday weight gain and hopefully even lose some weight through the Holiday season.

2. Have more energy for the Holidays. While the Holidays are a wonderful time of year, the season can also be exhausting. Hosting parties, decorating, and shopping around your business or job is like having a second job. If you start eating right and exercising now you will feel a boost in energy before Thanksgiving.

3. Feel great about yourself going into 2012. It’s no fun starting off the New Year feeling heavier then you did year end and lethargic from all of the heavy eating. 2012 will start out on a positive note if you have already started changing your habits and are starting to see the results. You will have a new found confidence to propel you into a very happy New Year!

As always, I am here to support you. Please drop me an email if there is anything you need. I am here to help.

May I be the first to say Happy New Year 2012! I know there are great things in store for you next year and if you start now you will be amazed what you accomplish in 2012.

Start today!!


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