Weight Loss Motivation – Does the scale hinder or help you?

I just finished a letter to an editor for the Health and Lifestyles section of a well know magazine. I thought some of my responses to what she was looking for would help you towards your weight loss goals! Here are a few excerpts!

During the weight loss phase I weigh my clients in weekly. I do not allow them to weigh in everyday, as it is unhealthy to focus solely on weight or a number to be achieved on the scale. Weighing in daily can sabotage a persons goals to lose weight and improve their overall health. Many people feel defeated when they don’t see the number on the scale dropping. Often times that is just due to water retention and/or changes in body composition. People more focused on a number on the scale are more likely to lapse/relapse and let all of their goals go. I like to regularly take measurements and body fat composition. Many of my clients lose fat and inches, while remaining the same weight. Who cares if you weigh the same, if you drop two pants sizes? Most people don’t once they overcome “Diet Mentality”!

You may have noticed a number of weight loss programs guaranteeing weight loss recently. I can guarantee people will lose weight on any diet or weight loss program if they follow the guidelines, although I would not put my clients on many of the unhealthy diets out there. Is weight loss truly a measure of success? No! 97% of people who lose weight on diets (including all the well known diets) gain all the weight back within one year. A true measure of weight loss success is keeping the weight off for five plus years. People who are able to do so have changed their way of being. They no longer consider themselves heavy people. They see themselves as fit people and as a result they continue the behaviors of fit people. That is my goal for all of my weight loss clients!

As always, if you need support with your weight loss and or other health goals you can email me at karen@karenhummel.com. I am here to support you!


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