You're Too Skinny – A Form of Sabotage?

I have had many clients become frustrated when a friend or a family member says, “You are getting too skinny”! Sometimes it is genuine concern, but usually it is a form of sabotage. I don’t think people do it on purpose or even realize they are jealous of your success. The best thing you can do is ignore it and not take it personally. That is if you are eating right, exercising and are a healthy weight. Also keep in mind that if people have only seen you overweight, you may look skinnier to them than you actually are. This subject came to mind when I heard reports that people are now saying Jennifer Hudson is too skinny. I for one think she looks amazing, but she became a celebrity while she had a weight problem, so some may have an honest perception she is too thin. In actuality she has announced she is a size 10, hardly too skinny compared with the size 0 of many other celebrities.

If you are not eating healthy, exercising and taking care of yourself, the too skinny comment could be an honest concern, so take some time to consider the comment and make some healthy lifestyle changes.

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