Lose Weight Or Write A Book. Believe And You Can!

I had the pleasure of attending Unseminar9 this past weekend. Unseminar is an Internet Marketing conference started by Pat O’Bryan. There were so many brilliant, ambitious, and fun people there. You ever just feel like your life has been changed forever by an experience, that is how I have felt both times I had the opportunity to attend this event. Although it was magical, life changing, and fun that doesn’t mean every second was easy or light hearted. I found myself facing myself for the first time in a long time and thought Karen, you have been working on your book for how many years now? Why isn’t it finished? Then I started thinking of my clients that have started and stopped the gym numerous times or have stuck with the gym, but have seen few results. Writing my book is much like losing weight and gaining it back over and over again. I get so close and then something happens. When I return to write, I have to read and reconnect with where I was taking the book.

I have coached that you have to believe in yourself for quite sometime now. I know I believe in myself at the gym, but what about in other areas of my life. I believe in myself at the gym, because I have seen much success in that area. I have lost weight, rebounded after breaking my back and after numerous back surgeries, and always have received a return on my time. I have to take that same attitude and apply it to writing my book. I know there are areas of your life you have seen tremendous success. If you started picturing your future success at the gym, eating right, or whatever your health goal may be how much success would you have? A lot! I visualized myself speaking at a conference holding up my book this morning and I will keep doing so until it is completed.

As a personal trainer it is my job to challenge my clients so they continually progress towards their goals. Everyday I give a client an exercise that looks more challenging than they think they can handle. I often here the words, Karen, I can’t do this? Karen, no I really can’t do this. More often then not, they have a look of terror on their face. My response is “yes you can”! I would not give you anything you couldn’t handle, I believe in you, I have been constructing our exercise sessions to lead you to this exercise. I have never had a client back down from the challenge and I have only have one client fail to make it though the exercise I gave her. Why? I could see it in her face. She still did not believe, even though I knew with all certainty she could do it. What did I do? I started our very next session with the same exercise, the same challenge. I reminded her of where she started and how far she had come. This time she did it! You may need someone to coach you and remind you of how far you have come. We all need that in at least one area our lives. That is why we all have unique gifts and talents. There is always an expert on the area you are struggling. All one has to do is reach out to that person.

I also believe we are all uniquely gifted by God and that many times just like I believe in my clients, God believes in us and knows that we can accomplish our goal or dream, but for some reason we miss it, we get scared, we fall short of the best we can be.

So what’s is my point with this. While I mainly help people with wellness, nutrition, and fitness goals, this could be applied to anything you want to accomplish! You must know the following:

1. You have to believe in yourself and visualize yourself attaining your goals. When I have had to return to the gym from having months to three years off at the longest, I am weak as all get out. I have to visualize myself doing standard push ups for weeks, before it seems like magic, I am doing push ups like a pro again. The thing is my mind believes it! If you are having trouble believing in your ability to do something and cannot visualize it. I recommend meditation. I’ve done it and it works.

2. Just do it. Keep taking action steps. As someone who has had to get out of bed and walk again after being told that would probably not be the case. I can tell you this, the first thing you do is stand. Then you take baby steps, then suddenly your walking, then walking is a natural part of you.

3. Often times you need a mentor or coach. I will use the gym as an example. Most people who utilize the fitness center do not see many results on their own. Why? They don’t exercise as often or as intense as they would if someone was coaching them, no one is holding them accountable, and they don’t have all the information they need to be successful.

What is your huge goal? Whether it is to finish a book or lose 100 pounds, I will tell you what I tell all my clients. You can do it! I believe in you! You have everything you need to be successful. Now it’s time to take a stand and then your first baby step.

As always, let me know if I can help!



My Take On Living With Chronic Back Pain

Hi All,

It has been awhile. I lot has happened over the past few months in my life. I have not been able to find a good fit for “Karen About Your Health”, so I have decided to podcast some of my old episodes for now, while I continue to decide what is next. I may decide to just continue to interview people and podcast it or start my own group for listeners and host a weekly or biweekly call, where you can actually have time to talk with the experts yourselves.

Since I have been having some trouble with the technical set up of uploading my podcast to iTunes, I have selected this show, as a good luck token that my podcast will make it to iTunes this time. This is the beginning segment of my show where I talk about living with chronic back pain and share some excerpts from a book I have been slowly writing through the years. I am very candid about living with chronic pain and how it can completely change your life. I hope it touches you or maybe someone you know that is living with chronic pain.

Unfortunately, the interview portions did not turn out clear enough to podcast. I had some trouble with the recording of the show in the beginning. I had interviewed Rick Olderman, author of “Fixing You”.

If you or someone you know could benefit from the information from our interview I have provided the links to the interview and ending of the show below:


Show Ending

If you are dealing with any kind of pain in your life, remember you are never alone. Keep walking through it! You can and will get through it.

All the best,

Karen Hummel

PS Keep your fingers crossed this podcast gets to Itunes!!!

Karen About Your Health – Working To Find A New Home

I learned yesterday the station my radio show was on was closing. I was taken by surprise, but thankful I had the opportunity to get started and realize how much I enjoy having a radio show. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to interview some amazing and successful people. Everyone I interviewed was so giving and excited to help me take my radio show and business to the next level. That being said, Karen About Your Health will continue. I will give everyone an update when I decide where and when my show will air. I also plan to pod cast past and future shows, so my listeners can download the show and take it with them.

It has truly been a great joy and I look forward to bringing more great preventative health, nutrition, fitness, weight loss and more your way!

Thank you to all of you who listened in!


Last Sunday on Karen About Your Health – Video Game Addiction

Last Sunday at 7:00 EST on http://www.healthbeatradio.com I did a show on video game addiction. We also covered social media addiction.  My guest was Ryan Van Cleave. You can purchase his book and find out more about him here.

Remember any addiction can pull you away from living a healthy lifestyle. You may want to take a hard look at the time you and your family spend playing video games, using social media, emailing, etc… Too much of anything isn’t healthy.

Here is my take during the first 15 minutes of the show!

All the best!

Lose Weight Healthy in 2011. Stop Dieting!

I have a love, hate relationship with January and the New Year. In my personal life, I love New Years, although I set goals throughout the year, New Years just feels like a fresh new beginning. I also love the countdown to midnight, saying goodbye to the year past and having hopes and dreams of what is yet to come in the New Year. All things are possible in the New Year.

So what is there not to like? I am disheartened each year when I see all the diet commercials and new diets on the market. I am also saddened to see all the new people at the gym that I know will be paying out a contract for a year or more even though they will not be using the facility after mid February, if they make it that long. Luckily, 3% of those people that were so excited to lose weight, get fit, and change there lives will stay on board. That is something!

As for the people starting diets in January, most will fail to succeed in their goals. Even if they manage to lose weight, they will gain it back, because they went on yet another magical diet, instead of working to live a healthy lifestyle and learning new healthy behaviors. I know it is difficult, but if you have been struggling with your weight, been on the roller coaster of weight loss and weight gain, and still are considering another diet, STOP. Why not do something healthy this time? Why not hold a healthy weight for life?

If you have been living on a diet roller coaster and are sick and tired of losing the weight just to gain it back here is a free audio to get you started on the right track. Just click here.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to support you.


Karen About Your Health – Sunday, 7:00 PM EST

Hi All,

My apologies, my show did not end up being moved to Sundays on January 2nd. The good new is it will be on this Sunday. I am very excited about the change. It will allow me to contine to bring quality preventative health information to the public while affording me time to also do weight loss coaching and help people in my local community.

This Sundays show is about video game addiction. I have learned this can become very serious.  So listen in Sundays at 7:00 PM EST at http://www.healthbeatradio.com.

Thank you to my listeners for your on going support.


Happy New Year! Goal Setting Time.

One more Holiday to go and it is my favorite, New Years! I have always loved New Years. Maybe it’s my free spirited nature, but I love any sign of a new beginning, a new chance to goal set and create a better me! Although, I do set goals all year and rarely have a so called New Years Revolution, I am thinking of how I can better myself in 2011! Are you?

So many people fail at their New Years Resolutions. There are many reasons why! Here are some suggestions if you are setting a New Years Resolution this year:

  1. Don’t call it a New Years Resolution. Call it a goal and create a map to where you want to be. Plan to goal set and achieve new heights through out the year. Not just January 1!
  2. Make sure your goal is specific, so you know exactly what you want. You won’t be able to create a plan to get there if your goal is hazy.
  3. Make sure your goal is measurable, so you can see progress and stay motivated. If your goal is to become more fit, get base line measurements and set goals for improving strength, endurance, flexibility, measurements, body fat, etc… make sure to re-test at regular intervals, so you can see improvement.
  4. Make sure you believe you can achieve the goal. If you don’t believe you can do it, guess what?? You won’t. I believe in you, now it’s time to believe in yourself.
  5. Make sure your goals are relevant to your passions in life. There is not use setting a goal if it does not measure up to who you truly are!
  6. Give your goal a time line. Even if you don’t make it to goal by the dates you outline, chances are you will be further along then you would have been without a time line.

 I wish you the very best for a happy, healthy, and productive 2011! May all your dreams come true!


Karen About Your Health Moving to Sundays at 7:00 EST

As of Sunday, January 2nd, Karen About Your Health will be moving to Sundays at 7:00 Eastern time. While I love doing the show, I just don’t have enough time to do five days a week at this point. It was a difficult decision, as I have always had a hard time scaling down and I definitely have never been a quitter, but sometimes you have to look out for our own health and not take on so many responsibilities that you end up stressed out, burnt out, and sick. I know, because I have been dealing with all of the above for months. I finally thought to myself it’s time to be “Karen About My Health”.

Have you bitten off more than you can chew recently? As we wind down 2010, this is the perfect time to take a long look in the mirror, then get a piece of paper and write down any areas of your life that may seem overwhelming. Then set some realistic goals to gain more control over your life. Life is too short to spend overwhelmed, stressed, and sick. Start working on your goals today. Why wait until the New Year when you can get a jump start on a healthier more joy filled life, today!

Listen in January 2nd at 7:00 EST at http://www.healthbeatradio.com

Lose Weight Healthy – Set Your Goals Before January 1!

It’s funny, I have “Karen About Your Health” on http://www.healthbeatradio.com and I am not feeling very healthy. I have been sick the last two weeks. Finally going to see a doctor this afternoon! It’s very frustrating as I set some large goals to accomplish over the next few months in terms of my own fitness level. I was very excited to get started. Now I am two weeks behind. While I’m at a healthy weight, I would like to lose some fat and gain some muscle over the next few months. The back problems I have had took me out of the gym enough that I gained a couple of sizes, even though I was eating healthy.

I  share this, because I know many of you struggle with your weight. Many think it’s easy for me and I am just naturally thin, which is far from the truth. I have to work at it. I eat right and I exercise. I have made a lifelong commitment to both these pursuits. I suggest you do the same. If you want to maintain a healthy weight for the long run you have to dedicate your life to living a healthy lifestyle.

 Now, why wait until New Years to set goals and get started. I suggest getting started today! Start a couple of weeks early and you will be well on your way as we approach 2011. Can you believe it is 2011? The years are flying. Life is precious and short, get started on your goals as soon as possible. Don’t waste another day of your life!

I will be offering a six week program that will start in the New Year. I will update you with dated and information later. In the meantime if you need individual coaching to reach your weight loss goals give me a call at 512-906-2031.

I know you can reach your goals. The sooner you commit to moving toward your goals the sooner you will achieve them.

 All the best!


Health Holidays

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. I know my readers were able to keep it in check and not eat too much! I also know many of you took time to stay active. Good for you!

Well, there are more Holidays ahead. What are you doing to prepare? I know the one thing I am doing is remaining active. If you haven’t started an exercise program, why wait until New Years? If you start now and practice staying active through the Holiday season you will be more likely to stay successful in the New Year. You will also feel better throughout the Holidays, even if you treat yourself here and there, which I suggest you do. As I mentioned in my prior post, this is a special time of year and many Holiday memories are linked to food. If there is a special family treat you only get during this time of year, treat yourself, but remain in the present, eat slowly and watch your portion sizes.

If you go without you will only increase your chances of binging later. Remember, there are no foods off limits in life. Yes, there are healthier choices, but there is room for treats here in there. Isn’t it time to stop dieting and learn to live a healthy lifestyle? If you can learn this valuable lesson during the Holiday season, there will be no stopping you in the New Year!

I wish you all the best.