The One Way To Increase Metabolism

I see false claims about metabolism daily. I have to be quite candid, these claims frustrate me a lot, because I know people desperate to lose weight are buying magazines, books and diet advice from companies making these claims, only to find out it will be one more diet failed. Then they will blame themselves and the vicious cycle of dieting starts again. Here are a few headlines I have seen. Any of these look familiar?

  • Got a slow metabolism? Fire up your body’s fat burner without a diet!
  • A type E metabolism might be making you fat!
  • Lose like a celebrity – Lose six pounds this week on this metabolism boosting plan!
  • Energize Your Metabolism with this six day energy charged diet and lose 10 pounds this week!

Well, you get the picture. If it sounds too good to be true it is too good to be true. We would not have an obesity epidemic if these claims were true. If you are struggling with your weight right now and you keep falling prey to such claims I want you to make this the day you stop. I believe in you and know you can lose the weight in a healthy, natural and effective way. Your first step is to ignore these claims and stop buying magazines and products that make these types of claims.

So here is the real deal.  The only way to increase your basil metabolic rate (resting metabolism) is to increase muscle size, therefore you need to weight train. Okay, that may freak some of my readers out. Weight training is not that difficult and you can start in the comfort of your own home with body weight exercises, like wall push ups, crunches, partial squats, etc.. I plan to shoot some video to make it even easier for you.

Cardiovascular exercise will have a temporary affect of burning extra calories, before and after your workout and is needed for a healthy heart, so don’t throw cardio out the door completely.

I wish you the very best! Remember one small change will develop into many. Just start with where you are and be proud of yourself!

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