5K Training – Yes You Can Walk It! In Fact, I Challenge You!

One of the trainers at a local gym I train at just started a training program to run a 5k in November. I have to admit, I thought I would be left out from participating, because it is a 5K training program and my running is very limited due to spinal injuries and damage. Once again feeling like a left out gimp, I said I couldn’t volunteer to train, as my running is extremely limited. In fact, all except one physician, have warned me against running. Being fused from the chest down, I just don’t have the cushion of the discs in my spine to support during impact. I was very happy to hear that some of the folks that signed up wanted to walk it and I could be involved. Yippee! I will be helping train the walkers.

Now I have a challenge for you. If you have never done a 5K and/or you have not exercised in years, I challenge you to get off the sofa and train for a 5K of your choice in November. Train along side me. I will provide you with tips and encouragement. You can even stay in touch with me via email. I would love to hear about your progress. Now I don’t want to hear any excuses. Just get out there and do it! Email a buddy right now and get someone on board with you.

Keep in mind, training to walk a 5K will provide you with the necessary exercise recommended to maintain optimal health. It could also be just what you need to get started towards a healthy diet and weight loss regimen.

Okay, lets go. A 5K or possibly a Turkey Trot awaits us in November.

Please drop me an email at karen@karenhummel.com if you are accepting the challenge! May I be the first to say “Happy Holidays”.


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