Eat Right And Move More To Relieve Stress

My favorite ways to reduce stress is by eating right and exercise. When you regurlarly eat healthy and exercise you have more energy, feel more confident and just feel better about yourself.

Eating and Stress

There is a catch 22 when it comes to eating and stress. Sometimes we eat because we are stressed, sometimes what we eat causes stress on our bodies. Here are my tips for eating to reduce stress:

–         Eat a healthy breakfast

–         Eat whole foods, limit the processed stuff

–         Eat your fruits and veggies

–         Throw sugar and sugar substitutes out the window. They are not good for your health in general.

–         Don’t skip meals, think of your metabolism as a furnace. It needs fuel to keep running.

–         Eat healthy snacks when you are hungry

  • A piece of fruit
  • A handful of nuts (Not roasted or salted)
  • Reduced fat Greek yogurt

Move More

Yes, I am telling you to exercise again. Once you have done it a month or so, it will become routine. The most famous excuse I get is, “I don’t have the time”. Yes you do! I am guessing you take the time to shower and brush your teeth daily. At least I hope so (  : I am also fairly certain you pencil in time to go to work, so just add activity to your daily calendar, then there is no excuse to miss it.

So how does exercise reduce stress? Exercise can reduce your blood pressure, lower your heart rate and slow your breathing. This facilitates a natural relaxation state. So how do you get started? I want you to think about fun things that get you moving and start there. Play a favorite sport, go on a bicycle ride, dance around your house, gardening. Think about things you enjoy doing that will get you up and moving. You don’t have to go to the gym, although I do recommend the addition of weight training once you are in a routine, as weight training is the only way to build lean muscle and increase your resting metabolism.

Another excuse I hear oftenis, “It’s too hard I’m just not motivated”. This is a challenge for many. In order to combat this you have to focus on the Why? The Why can be many different  things. You may want to stay healthy for your kids or grandkids. Like me you may have a chronic condition that is improved with exercise. Your doctor may have told you if you don’t start moving you will die at an early age. We all have different Why’s. Do some soul searching and figure out what your Why is.

I know you can eat better and move more. Now get to it!

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