Men’s Preventative Health

This week on “Karen About Your Health” I am taking time during each show to talk a little bit about men’s preventative health. The simple truth is most men aren’t taking proper care of themselves, getting preventative screening or making their annual physical. Women are 100% more likely to get their annual exam. I also found statistics that men are more depressed than women, yet we think women are more depressed than men. Why? Women seek support when they are depressed, men do not seek help as most see seeking help as a weakness. The suicide rates among men are alarming. The most alarming rate was for men over 65, 28.5 vs. 3.9 for women. If you or a  male loved one is depressed, please get the support you need.

My show airs Monday through Friday at 10:00 AM, Eastern. Listen in, I have a great line up this week:

Monday: Trapper Sherwood, Master Hypnotist. We will be chatting about stress, sleep, tobacco cessation and more.

Tuesday: Dr. Curtis Kuhn, a Metabolic Doctor. We will be talking about metabolic typing.

Wednesday: Rick Olderman, Physical Therapist/Trainer. We will be talking about one of my favorite subjects chronic pain. As I have lived with chronic pain.

Thursday: Thursday will be absolutely facinating! I will be speaking with Dr. Gillian Halloway, a leading dream expert.

Friday: Dr. Potisk, the down to earth doctor will be on talking about natural ways to stay healthy.

I am so excited for a great week ahead!

Thanks for listening!


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