Safe Exercise

Many of my clients are starting exercise either for the first time or after decades of not being physically active. I am sure you may be in the same boat. Your safety is very important to me, so I have a few tips to help you stay safe.

Stop your activity right away if you (Please see your physician if you have any of the symptoms below):

  • Have pain, tightness, or pressure in your chest or neck, shoulder, or arm.
  • Feel dizzy or sick.
  • Break out in a cold sweat.
  • Have muscle cramps.
  • Are extremely short of breath.
  • Feel pain in your joints, feet, ankles, or legs. You could hurt yourself if you ignore the pain.

    Wear Suitable Clothes

    • Wear lightweight, loose-fitting tops so you can move easily.
    • Wear clothes made of fabrics that absorb sweat and remove it from your skin.
    • Never wear rubber or plastic suits. Plastic suits could hold the sweat on your skin and make your body overheat.
    • Women should wear a good support bra.
    • Wear supportive athletic shoes for weight-bearing activities.
    • Wear a knit hat to keep you warm when you are physically active outdoors in cold weather. Wear a tightly woven, wide-brimmed hat in hot weather to help keep you cool and protect you from the sun.
    • Wear sunscreen when you are physically active outdoors.
    • Wear garments that prevent inner-thigh chafing, such as tights or spandex shorts.

    Stay safe and enjoy your exercise program. Please let me know if you need additional information.

    Karen Hummel

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