What’s Your Excuse? Drop It! Improve Your Health, Improve Your Life!

Could you be sabotaging yourself? Is it possible that you are the only person blocking the road to your dreams? Have you started and scrapped the same goal numerous times?

I don’t care how big of a go getter you are or how lazy you think you might be, I believe most of us can declare an area we have wanted to improve in our lives for a long time, but we just never seem to conquer the mountain. Whether it be weight loss, starting a business or the biggest dream of all, creating balance, we fall short. This is going to sound a bit harsh coming from me, but here it is!  You are sabotaging yourself, you are the number one person putting up the road blocks to achieving your goals and you gave up based on an excuse or multiple excuses.

When I work one on one with people that want to improve their overall wellness, fitness level or lose weight I get the joy of hearing all sorts of excuses. The one I have been hearing most often lately is how busy busy busy a person is. They are too busy to go have a preventative screening, exercise or eat well. Johny has basketball, Mary has basket weaving, and I work 70 hours a week, then I car pool, then I have to cook, no one else eats right, bla, bla, bla… I am a nice person and I hate hurting peoples feeling, but I have had to start saying, “Guess what? We are all busy.” I have had to start letting people know there are others with the same schedule making time to do all the things they want to do, because they have decided to prioritize their lives and do what is important to them. After all, it’s up to you to create the life you want!

That being said, if you aren’t reaching the goals you set for yourself, it’s time to sit down and prioritize what you want. Then make a list of action steps by priority and then come hell or high water (Not sure where that phrase came from) you do it! That will create a feeling of balance in your life and get you on the road to achieving your goals and dreams!

What saddens me the most is that people put their preventative health on the back burner until they drop from a heart attack or stroke. Once that happens, guess what? Suddenly they have time to buy healthy food and put it in a cooler instead of stopping at fast food every day, suddenly they are at the gym five days per week, suddenly nutrition coaching and  personal training fees aren’t that expensive!

I hope you will not let one more day of excuses keep you from a healthy life. Here are three things to get you started today.

1. Make preventative health/wellness your #1 goal. Believe me, in the long run you will save money, have more energy and time for your family and you will feel you have more time in your day. If you feel healthy you will also be more likely to achieve your other goals.

2. Don’t make creating balance your goal. Make doing what is best for you your goal. Prioritize what is important to you and healthy for you and create an action list for the following day every night. Then as Nike says, Just Dot It.

3. Love yourself enough to do an excuse check and if you can’t admit your excuses to yourself, as they may seem like valid points in your mind, check in with your best friend or hire a coach. I think you will be surprised how many things you could accomplish if you dropped the energy wasted on one excuse and used it to take action.

As always, I believe in you. If you need my support, don’t hesitate to drop me an email at karen@karenhummel.com.

Have a great day. NO EXCUSES!



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